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Learn how to use Kiwi X External in this quick and simple guide:

Before explaining, it's important to understand what Models are. Models, in short, are the images that are trained such as an enemies skin or color that makes the Aim Aligner more efficient. These trained images are downloaded and saved in a Model file, which you can then load to use into the external. Settings that are used in Kiwi X External are modifying from the model files that's loaded.

Getting Started:

Step 1) Load up a model from the Model Selector. If you're playing Roblox, use a Roblox configuration (Ideally specified to the game itself too) or if you're playing another game then choose the Model Config that's suitable. Some Models can be universal- others may be specific.

Guide on Models

Users can also set their own configurations for better optimization. More information here.
Step 2) Enable the following features to get the best results. Enable Aim Aligner, Show FOV, Collect Data While Playing (Must Have Only Aim On Trigger Enabled), AI Confidence 70 - 80%.


Useful Settings:

Tab - Window Toggle (Quickly toggle Kiwi X External to open and close. Keybind can be changed).
For more information on what a specific feature does click the '?' icon to see the description.


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