Kiwi X External

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How does Kiwi X External Work?

Kiwi X External works by using AI Image Recognition to detect opponents, pointing the player towards the direction of an opponent accordingly. Our features work Universally. Meaning, our Aim Aligner can but utilized in many games if it seems necessary to gain a more competitive advantage.
Kiwi X External is a multi-functional AI-based Aim Aligner. Built on Aimmy using ONNX + DirectML, which has been modified to have better security, a smoother experience and more updates.
Kiwi X External is 100% free to use, has limited ads, and is actively updated for newer versions.

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What makes Kiwi X External different to Aimmy?

Aimmy, the 'AI-Based Aim Guiding Mechanism' is a public source project that Kiwi X External is built upon. We'll list and describe what sets Kiwi X External to be different in the following categories:
  • Better Security
  • Smoother Expierence
  • Frequent Updates
Better Security: Aimmy is a public source. Meaning, the code can be viewed by anybody for the purpose of understanding how it works, to developing it into a different product. Or in the case of a game developer looking to patch it, they'll learn what to flag and detect it's features.
Kiwi X External is not opened source. Therefor, it's fundamentally a safer option to use since we implement security protocols against detection. Such as a different 'Hook' method and spoofing the application. We're not disclosing to developers of any kind how to get an idea of detecting it.
Smoother Experience: We changed the user interface to look nicer. Aimmy has been seen, modified and changed in many aspects before and it would make it harder to tell if you're using the official product or not. It may become a security issue if a bad actor implements a form of malware by misleading you. Kiwi X External has no way of being re-distributed like Aimmy (Again, it's not an open sourced product) so you can be rest assured the software you're using isn't tampered with in any shape or form. Apart from the looks, we've built our UI with a better foundation for more updates and we fixed many bugs that occur not just on Aimmy, but that other AI cheats face too.
Frequent Updates: Aimmy is a 'Passion Project' according to the official team. While the developers at Aimmy have been motivated to make updates the same way we do at Kiwi Development, it's still different to a 'For Profit Project'. By design, we have a higher incentive to protecting our users, innovating, and pushing regular updates. If our product is not updated, then it won't be used.
We hope that by explaining these points you've gained a better understanding on the differences.